Применение spider mower

Применение spider mower

Экстремальные склоны

On the slopes where people can barely walk SPIDER feels at home. If the slope exceeds 40°, using the integrated stabilizing winch enables continuing without difficulties up to an incredible 55°.

Дороги и шоссе

One of the many places where SPIDER can be seen is along roads and highways. These areas are quite dangerous and therefore SPIDER is an ideal solution as it can be operated from a safe distance using the remote control.

Густые заросли

Neither a rough heavy brush or unmaintenained grass is a problem for SPIDER mowers.

Железные дороги

Sloping areas with a low maneuvering space along the railways are the place where SPIDER can quickly and reliably help with maintenance of green areas.

Парки и сады

Speed, ease of operation, quality of cut, low noise and efficiency are essential aspects for maintaining parks and gardens. All of this SPIDER undoubtedly provides.

Солнечные электростанции

SPIDER 2SGS - specially adjusted for cutting under the most of the solar panels is able to replace many brushcutters.

Режимные объекты

The maintenance of locations with increased risk such as military space is ideal for SPIDER mowers.

Спортивные площадки и горнолыжные курорты

Due to the low weight, wheel chassis, slope accessibility and maneuverability are SPIDER mowers also used for maintenance of skiing resorts and other sports grounds.

Стены плотин, берега рек

The low weight and the stabilizing winch enables mowing on dam walls or river banks with steep slopes and soft terrain.

Гольф поля

With high cutting frequency SPIDER achieves excellent quality of cut. It is therefore ideal complement of the assortment for golf course maintenance.

Откройте для себя косилки SPIDER

Если вы ухаживаете за семейным садом или обеспечиваете профессиональное обслуживание больших площадей, вы можете выбрать лучшую модель для ваших задач.

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